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Improve parking management operations

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Parking density is skyrocketing and community expectations are growing. But when asked to enforce parking regulations and increase compliance, parking directors are faced with limited resources and accelerating technology changes. This is where the Security Center AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution can help. AutoVu has been helping municipalities, universities, and parking operators increase enforcement efficiency for over 15 years. The specialized ALPR hardware and software are designed and developed in-house by our Genetec engineers, offering you an end-to-end solution for your parking enforcement and management. This single, powerful, ALPR solution automatically captures and reads thousands of license plates per shift, compares each plate to any existing database in real time, and notifies officers of infractions. Industry note Improve parking management operations 5 reasons to switch to license plate-enabled parking Get a rapid return on your investment By helping find repeat offenders and decreasing permit fraud, ALPR allows you to quickly cover its costs. Monroe Community College for example, achieved a return on their investment within 6 weeks of deployment. Built on an open ecosystem, AutoVu allows your system to evolve and easily bring in new technologies, making the most of your investment. Drive up compliance By scanning for scofflaws during routine operations, ALPR allows you to quickly identify and enforce on repeat offenders without needing to dedicate additional resources to the task. Officers in the city of Fort Lauderdale were able to increase their scofflaw identification by 1400% with the addition of AutoVu. Meanwhile, the parking services team at University of Wisconsin- Lacrosse wrote 150 fewer citations and issued more permits since deploying AutoVu, yielding a 10% increase in revenue as a result of higher compliance. Increase parking enforcement efficiency Cover more ground and see where your enforcement officers are needed with ALPR. Genetec Patroller-equipped vehicles quickly scan and compare plates to enforcement lists, while fixed AutoVu SharpV ALPR devices let you know where there are violations in real-time, thanks to AutoVu Free-Flow. Concord Parking moved to ALPR to expand their operations and now their teams can enforce 9000 parking spots in a few hours, while the University of British Columbia saw a 40% increase in enforcement staff productivity since adopting AutoVu Free-Flow. Centralize parking enforcement activities By moving to license plate enabled parking, you can use ALPR to enforce all your parking rules simultaneously, removing that headache of separately dispatching enforcement staff. Parking staff at Cornell and Brigham Young Universities use AutoVu to manage all their parking rules, including those in flexible lots where students only pay for extended parking. Gain insight into your facilities Take advantage of the license plate data to better understand your parking facilities, plan for future investments, and evaluate your current enforcement activities. At Cornell University, parking staff uses ALPR data to map out occupancy across campus parking lots, and officers at the University of British Columbia dynamically optimize enforcement routes based on real-time violation data. 40% increase in enforcement staff productivity since adopting AutoVu Free-Flow 1 4 5 2 3

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