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Genetec Clearance camera registry

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The Genetec Clearance™ camera registry improves collaboration with businesses and residents in your community. It allows to quickly search participants, request recordings, and review video from privately owned cameras to help resolve incidents and close cases faster. Key benefits Efficient–An improved evidence collection process leads to less time spent on investigations and more cases closed. Inclusive–Increased dialogue between law enforcement, businesses, and residents improves community safety through collaboration. Ease of use–A tailored community initiative that can be launched in a few steps allows you to start collecting participant information quickly. There are no software or hardware requirements to launch the program, and registration for participants is free. Genetec Clearance camera registry Changing how you carry out investigations Feature note Industry: Citywide Surveillance; Public Safety Applications: Clearance How we help Centralize your evidence Clearance provides a single location to store your digital evidence across all sources. From video and audio to pictures and records, all documents relevant to your case are a click away. Ensure the chain of evidence Genetec Clearance maintains an audit trail of all user activity to allow you to review the source of the evidence, as well as who had access to it. User permissions can be controlled within the application and all data is encrypted to ensure it remains confidential. Request video electronically Officers can search for and request video evidence from their precinct. Camera owners that are called upon can quickly share recordings through the app, without the need to retrieve video in person. Expand your network Participants are mapped in Genetec Clearance, allowing officers to quickly identify nearby cameras that can assist in their investigation and retrieve recordings of interest more quickly. There are no dependencies when enrolling in the program. Save time collecting video evidence Video is an invaluable tool that helps investigators review events and solve crimes. However, locating cameras and requesting access to recordings can be a time- consuming process that delays the course of an investigation. Although cameras may be installed near the scene of an incident, officers must be scheduled to recover the video evidence rather than dedicate time to the investigation. A better approach exists today The camera registry module in Genetec Clearance simplifies the video request process and accelerates investigations. Businesses and residents can enroll in the registry to make their camera information available and assist with incidents that occur nearby. Investigators can obtain recordings without having to pick up physical copies during a shift, so they can prioritize more important assignments.

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