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How seaports are evolving Siloed systems The demand for shipped goods is rising. Global GDP, merchandise trade, and seaborne trade are all interlinked and have each grown rapidly. In fact, cargo shipments and ship sizes have increased dramatically, approximately 147% in the last decade, to keep up with these rising demands. With operations growing steadily, the industry is seeking to keep up with this trend and we could soon observe a number of infrastructural projects emerging, such as new port construction and expansion. Will you be able to manage numerous siloed systems as your organization continues to grow? Rigid infrastructure As the seaport industry continues to grow, ports are looking to become more digitized as a way to cope with rising demands and complex logistics. Seaports are looking to digitize as a means to optimize current operations so as to reduce the need to invest in additional infrastructure. It seems data analytics, data exchange, and self-steering ships will become the new standard, while sensor and drone usage will push the industry to new heights. As newer technologies become available, a security system with an open architecture will enable the potential for growth. Is your security infrastructure flexible enough to meet these evolving needs towards digital transformation? Security concerns With seaports becoming digitized, this inevitably opens the door to vulnerabilities. On top of current threats such as piracy, terrorism, and illegal immigration, cybersecurity threats pose an additional security concern. Control systems and automation are on the rise for ports to reduce human errors and delay times and increase system reliability. Is your organization adequately prepared to deal with these new challenges?

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