Perimeter Security: Going Beyond the Fence

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Security Technology, October 2021 Perimeter Security: Going Beyond the Fence By John Marco and Cheryl Stewart 1 October 2021 Photo by iStock Traditional security systems trigger when someone touches the fence line. Yet why wait until the perimeter is about to be breached to respond? And what about monitoring what's going on within restricted zones? Recent innovations in security software allow security teams to redefine perimeter security by giving them the ability to look beyond the fence line, being more specific about what to monitor and how, and even linking perimeter security to identity management, so that boundaries change along with job titles. Consider your Critical Perimeter Areas You may have gates and fences, but how do you protect roof areas, sides of buildings, or high-end assets? The latest security technology uses laser sensors to create a kind of cage around a secure zone that can trigger an alarm if unauthorized people approach. The protected area could be as small as a painting on the wall or as large as a big-box store. Early identification of potential threats gives security teams time to prepare a response and take necessary action. For example, by proactively defining a buffer zone around sensitive areas, your security team can monitor the movement of people and vehicles and watch for potential intrusions before they ever reach the fence line.

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