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Crowd estimation

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Feature note Industry: Retail, Public Safety, Stadiums and Open Spaces, Transportation Applications: Security Center, Video Surveillance, Airport Sense Category: Operations, Security Know the estimated size of crowds This Security Center scenario will enable you to estimate the number of people contained within an area. Crowd estimation of KiwiVision™ People Counter will help you to observe, prevent, and control the flow and development of crowds in real time, providing you with meaningful data so you can take action quickly. Operational efficiency Public healthcare and safety measures, sudden intense demonstrations, the management of people in events at large venues, or a large number of people in transit areas calls for punctual management of people's flow. Anticipate the availability of resources Knowing the number of people in specific areas will allow operation and security teams to integrate processes that'll help them manage the number of people gathered in public or private areas in real time. The tracking of crowd size will improve the management of additional operational or security resources when an occupancy threshold has been reached. Crowd estimation Key benefits Quick response management to the sudden growth of crowds in public and private areas for operational and security effectiveness Operational efficiency in the management of events in large venues Hardware optimization with video analytics frequency management How we help Counting of large crowds Count a large number of people gathered in the same camera field of view by obtaining the estimated size of a crowd in real time. This allows swift and focused monitoring of the multitude evolution through time to improve operations and security. Detailed tracking per camera view Improve your facilities' layouts and enhance transit management by enabling several counting areas in the same camera field of view to keep a detailed track of people's influx Customizable analysis interval Sometimes frequent video analysis is not required — for those situations, you can choose how often the analytics should run, enhancing hardware efficiency and cost savings.

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