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Cloud Link Roadrunner

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Key features Supports up to 10,000 cardholders IoT device built for enclosure management Extreme temperature and vibration rating Expandable capability through containerization Network breach operational resiliency Embedded threat level management Dynamic (DHCP) or static IP addressing Encrypted communications with host software OSDP Secure Channel Cyberattack and malware protection Encrypted customer data at rest and in transit Secure web interface for basic configuration Supports up to two enclosure openings Various mounting options The Cloud Link Roadrunner™ is an IoT device, purposely built for enclosure management. Built with a focus on cybersecurity, management, and physical security, the Cloud Link Roadrunner is the first of its kind. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and extreme environments such as very high or low temperatures and change in weather conditions, it allows facility and infrastructure managers to deploy secure, capable, and expandable access control capabilities across their enclosures. The Cloud Link Roadrunner IoT device supports multiple containerized applications and services, and manages local inputs and outputs, as well as access control hardware. It's a hardened, cybersecure device with all communications secured using TLS 1.3 and authenticated with a certificate. Hardware encryption secures data confidentiality and Secure Boot is used to protect against cyberattacks and malware. Small form factor Built to support limited space deployments. It can be mounted on a shelf, wall, c-channel, and 1U rack, with the option to mount up to three devices on a single 1U shelf. Cybersecure Secured communications with TLS 1.3 and certificate-based authentication. Hardware encryption secures data confidentiality, and Secure Boot is used to protect against cyberattacks and malware. Product specifications Cloud Link Roadrunner Enclosure Management Solutions IoT platform focused on the future As an IoT device it's focused on the ability to support internal and third-party applications, allowing it to expand its capabilities without having to change hardware. Industry Specific Design Specifically designed to manage enclosures — from traffic and telecommunications cabinets to data server racks. It's NEMA TS2 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) compliant, which means it can withstand hostile environments and temperatures. The Cloud Link Roadrunner is designed to meet the specific needs of an enclosure environment. It seamlessly connects to Security Center Synergis™, providing real-time monitoring of events and alarms, advanced cardholder and contractor management, and comprehensive reporting and traceability. Key benefits/applications

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