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As part of the global access control migration plan, the Database Conversion Service automates the migration process of your existing SQL access control database to the Security Center Synergis™ access control database. Converting access control databases has traditionally been a very manual and error-prone process. Errors can lead to employees being barred entry, or worse, having unauthorized access, leading to security breaches. Minimize your exposure and trust Genetec to take you through the entire conversion process. From the feasibility assessment to the conversion and commissioning, Genetec Professional Services supports and assists you every step of the way. Benefit from a conversion approach with minimal downtime Genetec fully understands the impact an offline access control system can have on security operations. That's why we use a phased conversion approach in addition to our automation process. The Database Conversion Service and our Synchronization Tool allows the original (or "source") database to remain fully functional and connected while the migration is in progress. This way you minimize the risk of human errors, the migration time and the period your access control system is spent offline. Once your Synergis system is fully functional with the new database, you can proceed with the decommissioning of your legacy system. Database Conversion Service Entrust Genetec Professional Services to migrate your access control database to Synergis How we help Feature note Key benefits Drastically reduce the manual transfer of your data with our automation, saving time and reducing potential human errors Clean your existing dataset to make it compatible with Security Center View what your system will look like before going live Ensures that your environment stays secure during the conversion by running the legacy system and Synergis in parallel Category: Operations Applications: Security Center, Access Control Comprehensive migration approach Don't compromise the security of your organization by forgetting or omitting key data points needed for a secure access control system. Genetec Professional Services will assess which attributes can be ported over, with or without some modifications, or manually transferred to Security Center Synergis. Adapted to your schedule Taking a snapshot of the original database, converting, and testing it in parallel guarantees your security is operational at all times while giving you the freedom to switch over when it's most convenient for your organization. Keeping your databases synchronized Using our Synchronization tool, we're able to keep your legacy system running and synchronized with the new Synergis database to ensure your environment stays secured throughout the conversion. Automating the process After a thorough analysis of your system, we'll create a project plan to proceed with the custom automation of your dataset into Security Center Synergis. We'll test and demonstrate in a controlled environment prior to implementing it in your production system. Collaborative conversion approach Genetec Professional Services creates a dialog between us and your teams to ensure your data migration requirements are met and implemented based on your needs.

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