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Disaster Recovery

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The Disaster Recovery feature, native to Security Center, helps ensure that your data and storage are always protected and accessible even in the case of a disaster like hardware, network, or storage failure. How can you avoid costly data losses if your network goes offline? Most of the time, computer systems run smoothly, but system malfunctions, network issues, natural disasters, cyberattacks, power outages—and yes, human error—can interrupt day-to-day operations and even worse, cause corruption or important data losses. Failover protects up to five directories, as well as video recordings, and system data, so you maintain continuous access to live and recorded video streams, and never need to worry about data loss. Key benefits Deploy a cyber-resilient system that evolves with time to face current and future threats Get peace of mind without worrying about losing data or system configurations Maintain continuous access to live and recorded video data Continue to operate your system effortlessly, no matter the incident Disaster Recovery Protecting data while ensuring continuous operations How we help Prevent video downtime Security Center Omnicast Failover Archiver detects failures of the primary server within seconds, so live video streams continue even in the event of hardware failure or network interruptions. Ensure continuous operations The Failover Directory solution built into Security Center can simultaneously provide hot standby and load balancing. The system will automatically connect to the least busy directory. Keep data safe with the Cloud Protect your video archives and other important data against disasters and cyberattacks with triplicate copies saved in the Cloud. Feature note Applications: Video Surveillance · Access Control · Automatic License Plate Recognition

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