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Access control systems (ACS) data can help organizations get back to the office Business photo created by tirachardz - www.freepik.com We don't know the full impact that COVID-19 and our response to it will have on our future. But we do know that it has already changed our lives. From the ways we interact and socialize to how we appreciate medical teams and delivery people, things are different. While many of the changes have been accompanied by very real hardship, they have also allowed us to re-examine situations and processes. As countries roll out vaccines, organizations are planning for the new normal. Many are asking questions they've never considered before. In addition to trying to determine how long they will have to manage occupancy rates to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus, they're also thinking about where employees will work and how. Once it is safe to do so, will employees return to the office full-time or will companies opt for hybrid scenarios in which some time is still spent working from home? And how will organizations be able to make informed decisions that are safe for their employees and respect their bottom line? Use data for occupancy management Now is a good time to re-examine how we work. We can no longer assume that the best scenario is to have everyone in the office Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. But making changes will require that organizations think about right-sizing their real estate portfolio to match the number of people going to the office at any given time. April 27, 2021 Ty Miller

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