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Key benefits Solve cases faster The right evidence is key to solving cases. Cloudrunner collects a wealth of information, like vehicle characteristics and driving behaviors, allowing investigators to rapidly narrow down the pool of potential suspects. Minimize disruptions Time spent learning how to use new software is time not spent following up on leads. Cloudrunner makes lead investigation easy with its intuitive interface. Investigators can quickly get to work and take advantage of its features to close cases faster. Make your budget go further Cloudrunner packages everything you need in a single subscription, allowing you to easily adjust system scale based on your needs and budget. Focus on closing cases rather than resource allocation. Be proactive Identifying a lead is not enough to solve a case – you need to apprehend the suspect. Cloudrunner detects vehicles and plates at the edge, quickly notifying you when a vehicle of interest is detected so you can take immediate action. Keep an eye out 24/7 Be on the lookout day and night with Cloudrunner. Collect accurate data under all conditions thanks to its high performing cameras built for just that. It has powerful machine learning capabilities and strong analytics to always keep data meaningful. Improve your workflow Every organization operates differently. Cloudrunner lets users customize the information shown on-screen based on case needs. By focusing on the relevant data, closing cases is much easier.

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