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Start collecting vehicle evidence today Getting started with Cloudrunner is a simple 3-step process: Genetec Inc. genetec.com/contact-us info@genetec.com @genetec © Genetec Inc., 2023. Genetec, AutoVu, AutoVu Cloudrunner, the Genetec Logo, and the Mobius Strip Logo are trademarks of Genetec Inc., and may be registered or pending registration in several jurisdictions. Cloudrunner CR-H2 SharpV Power Solar or 12V Hardwired: 24V or PoE++ Processing Hybrid Edge-based Installation Flexible Fixed Procurement Subscription only Perpetual or subscription UPT-04-01-2023 Locate where you want to gather evidence Capturing relevant and useful evidence is crucial. Consider locations like: • The entrances and exits of your community to see who's coming and going • On a corporate or education campus to know what vehicles are on-site • Street corners where is crime is most prevalent in your community to catch perpetrators in near-real time • High traffic locations like your community's main street to never miss a suspected vehicle on the move Order the hardware you need Whether you are looking for a fixed solution or a flexible one with high quality capture at all times, both options are available to you. You can even mix and match hardware based on your needs. Power up your cameras That's it. With Cloudrunner up and running, you automatically get access to: • Configuration – ensure optimal data collection • Software updates – get the latest features • Support – access a Genetec specialist when needed • Hardware upgrades – get the latest hardware if needed • …and more. 1 2 3

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