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Cybersecurity checklist Ready to deploy your new physical security system? Follow this checklist to stay on track with your upgrade or installation, mitigate risks, and ensure a smooth deployment. Deployment checklist Best practices □ Have I trained my employees properly on IT best practices? □ Do I monitor and share intelligence about current cyber threats and trends in the industry and encourage collaboration on preventative actions and responses? □ Do I keep an inventory of all assets? □ Data protection □ Is the multimedia data stored in my system protected? □ Is the multimedia data protected when exchanged in my system? □ Is the command-and-control data protected? □ Have I implemented end-to-end encryption? □ How are my encryption keys managed? Device security □ Are my cameras secured? □ Do I maintain detailed information about each physical security device, e.g. manufacturer, and firmware version? □ Do I have an up-to-date inventory of all cameras and control systems connected to the network? □ Do I have a plan for the replacement of unsecured devices? □ Do I have a plan enabling the identification of the types of encryption and cybersecurity capabilities supported on each device or firmware version and can I use it? □ Is my access control hardware secured? □ Did I confirm that my VMS and ACS software is up to date along with the devices and servers used for storing data and hosting monitoring consoles? □ Are my license plate recognition devices secured? □ What is my strategy to patch my device firmware promptly? Authentication and authorization □ Am I managing passwords correctly? □ Did I establish a policy and process for credentials lifecycle management? □ Have I changed all default usernames and passwords? □ Am I using strong passwords to access my security system and every connected device? □ Do I need something more robust than a single factor to prevent unauthorized access? □ Have I implemented a multilayer strategy that includes multifactor access authentication and defined user authorizations to strengthen the security of users' access to the systems? □ Do I centralize identity management for all my security systems as much as possible? □ Do I have any protection in place against password brute force attacks? □ Have I set up my user groups correctly and assigned permissions to the right people? □ Do I have any protection to restrict user access after prolonged inactivity? □ Do authorized users only have access to what they need?

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