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Cybersecurity checklist Once your deployment is complete, the job doesn't end there. This checklist will help you monitor the health of your system, check your cybersecurity posture, and plan preventative measures to keep your system running smoothly. Post-deployment Maintenance and updates □ Do I have tools to keep my devices up to date? □ Am I on the lookout for critical security updates? □ Have I verified the source and legitimacy of each software update before installation? □ Have I checked device inventory against published information about manufacturers and models that have identified security risks? □ Do I have a plan to improve the network design as needed to segment older devices and reduce potential crossover attacks? □ Am I applying the proper software patches and hotfixes? □ Am I properly maintaining my Windows ecosystem? □ Do I have the proper tools to keep everything up to date and cyber secure? □ How do I maintain my list of users up to date? □ Do I have tools to automate my maintenance activities? □ How do I keep the operating system of my security appliances up to date? □ Do I have tools to review and update all user privileges? Health monitoring and risk management □ Do I have the proper tools to monitor the status of my systems and devices? □ Do I have the capability of monitoring the status and health of multiple deployments? □ Am I keeping a chain of custody? □ Am I on the lookout for new threats and vulnerabilities? □ Do I have log analysis techniques to investigate in case of a cyber incident? Monitor the health of your Genetec system with confidence The Genetec Professional Services team can help you check your cybersecurity posture and share preventative measures to keep your system running efficiently. Find out how our security experts can help

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