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AutoVu™ Cloudrunner is a vehicle-centric investigation system (VCIS) that uses the power of vehicle characteristics combined with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) to enhance the ability to solve crimes and make tomorrow safer. Are you missing out on key data to solve cases? The difference between a case that drags on and one that is closed is often a single piece of evidence. With the majority of crimes involving vehicles, ALPR often provides the data needed to unlock your first lead. Vehicle-based data is crucial in ensuring your community stays safe. Gather and find critical evidence with ease today AutoVu Cloudrunner, combined with the CR-H2 solar-powered camera, provides evidence to identify wanted vehicles. It goes beyond license plate data by analyzing vehicle characteristics, like color and type, as well as vehicle behaviors, allowing you to narrow down your list of suspects quickly. Key benefits Intuitive software with powerful reporting tools to help you rapidly identify vehicles of interest Fully hosted and configured in minutes – no servers, IT personnel, or certification needed Hotlist management with real- time alerts when wanted vehicles are detected High-quality sensor for accurate reads day and night, rain or shine Solar-powered ALPR camera (CR-H2) with built-in 4G/LTE and GPS for flexible deployment Designed to transmit vehicle data continuously, significantly reducing latency AutoVu Cloudrunner Safer communities – day and night, rain or shine Feature note Industry: Public safety: Law enforcement, Higher education, Corporate campuses Applications: Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Vehicle-Centric Investigation System (VCIS) Category: Intelligence, Security Why choose Cloudrunner Focus on solving crimes, not managing infrastructure Concentrate on your core mission to maximize your team's impact on your community. Avoid distractions caused by equipment installation, training, and technology assessments. All-inclusive subscription offering AutoVu Cloudrunner is budget-friendly. It eliminates the need to purchase ALPR and infrastructure equipment. The Cloudrunner subscription includes hardware, software, configuration, support, and more. Work with a data-rich solution Cloudrunner empowers you by providing situational awareness and all the data you need to investigate crimes and close cases. It gathers vehicle data like license plate, vehicle color, type and more. Get high performance under all conditions, ensuring no suspect slips by undetected. Turn-key experience Go from installation to getting vehicle data in minutes. Simply install your CR-H2 camera and call the Cloudrunner dedicated support line. Our experts will configure and optimize your setup. AutoVu Cloudrunner offers hassle-free deployment so you can get to work quickly.

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