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Card Synchronization

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Import cardholder data from external sources and easily synchronize it between systems. Synergis TM is a non-proprietary access control system that allows for the unification of many integrations, such as managing access of cardholders, while it also provides business intelligence. Organizations often simultaneously maintain multiple systems that relate to the access control system. Managing multiple employee databases across systems requires continuous upkeep of databases and maintenance of systems. Even when done well, it remains cumbersome, inefficient, and prone to errors. Now, there is a smart tool that synchronizes data across platforms: efficiently and securely. The Genetec TM Card Synchronization allows security operators to efficiently synchronize and continuously update cardholder information such as cardholders, cardholder groups, and credentials data, from external systems to Security Center. Key benefits Efficiently merge new cardholder information with an existing one Reduce upkeep and maintenance for multiple systems Keep Security Center data always synchronized with external data sources Decrease cardholder information noise by consolidating relevant data together Card Synchronization Feature note Applications: Security Center, Access Control Category: Intelligence · Operations · Security How we help Automated importing Automatically import data from different sources, such as Azure Active Directory, databases, or delimited text files, to create cardholder information in Security Center. Configure the one-way synchronization of these entities to occur manually or automatically and at an interval that is most convenient to your operations. Making use of global keys for seamless data merging Benefit from global keys to seamlessly aggregate multiple external data sources into Security Center to combine cardholder information. Global keys are a term used for identifying the unique ID of entities recorded in databases. Prevent the duplication of cardholders When merging existing cardholders with new databases, use multiple global keys to identify unique IDs. The use of global keys will allow the system to determine if the new information should be merged with existing entities in Security Center, preventing the duplication of cardholders and helping with conflict resolution.

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