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Positional Camera Tracking

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Extract positional data from any camera to track intrusions Use your video surveillance camera as a GPS source with the positional camera tracking feature of KiwiVision™ video analytics. Track your targets' positions on a map and get actionable insights with Security Center Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance. Is your organization experiencing the following challenges? • Lacking visibility on the exact location of intrusion events with traditional video analytics • Getting visual verification on alarms or events of a breach, but missing positional data • Unable to visually track intruder movements within restricted areas in real-time to assist with incident response • Relying on costly intrusion detection sensors such as radars to enable tracking capabilities Preventing intruders from entering your protected perimeter is critical to ensure the safety and security of your site. Organizations rely on two common methods to protect their restricted areas. A better approach exists today Shift your system capabilities from perimeter intrusion detection to perimeter surveillance, providing you with greater situational awareness of what is going on at your site. The positional camera tracking feature within Security Center adds a layer of intelligence to your existing cameras by allowing you to locate intrusions and track them on an interactive map. Your cameras can now be used as a radar without the price tag associated with these types of deployments. Key benefits Monitor movements beyond the fence line Gain more value from existing cameras used to monitor fence line Detect and identify the exact locations of intrusions at your perimeter fence Visually track the movement of the intruder on a map in real-time Automatically track objects across multiple cameras Gain insights on target position with analytics Centralize your operations by using one unified system Positional camera tracking Industry: Critical Infrastructure Applications: Security Center ∙ Video Surveillance ∙ Security Center Restricted Security Area (RSA) ∙ KiwiVision video analytics Category: Security ∙ Operations ∙ Intelligence Alternatively, you can leverage video analytics and existing cameras mounted at your perimeter fence to detect intrusions. This method is cost- effective but does not provide you with the ability to track movements of intrusions on a map, limiting your visibility and ability to effectively respond to incidents. First, you can rely on specific perimeter intrusion detection systems such as radars, lidars, or microwave sensors to detect and track intrusions. These sensors can collect geo-coordinates of intruders and display their movements on a map. However, they can be quite costly to implement. Feature note

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