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ALPR as a Credential

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Do you know who's in your parking lot? When you don't control access to your parking lots, your facility is vulnerable. You don't know what vehicles are on premises and who is behind the wheel. Your security team responds only when someone shows up at the door, or worse, once there is a disturbance. To secure your people and assets, you need to extend your security coverage across your facility. Key benefits Monitor and manage access control and ALPR from a single, unified application Extend access control coverage and tightly manage entry to your parking lots Know which vehicles are present and notify your staff as soon as unwanted vehicles are detected Verify vehicle activity against live or recorded video as well as cardholder pictures Get insights from activity reports and metrics to improve your facility's operations Feature note License plates as credentials Manage vehicle flow more efficiently Applications: Access Control ∙ License Plate Recognition How we help Facilitate entry and exit Ensure smooth access to your parking lots without compromising security. Tying license plates to cardholders allows you to monitor access and know as soon as unwanted vehicles arrive on site. Unify alerts and reports Receive real-time alerts of potential threats whether they come from a parking lot or the front door. Unified reports allow you to monitor personnel from parking lot to buildings transparently by tracking cardholders rather than the credentials. Centrally control and restrict access Avoid updating multiple lists by managing access rules on a single system. A unified system lets you rest assured that once you modify an individual's access rights, they change across the entire facility. A better approach exists today Did you know that you can add license plates as credentials within your access control system? By unifying access control and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), you manage vehicle activity without impeding flow. Enroll AutoVu ™ SharpV ALPR cameras as Synergis ™ access control readers and manage them like any other door reader. You can assign access rights and schedules and restrict access at a moment's notice. More importantly, your team is alerted when unwanted or unknown vehicles enter the premises. The outcome? Your staff has a more complete view of their environment and is able to act faster, without waiting until someone arrives at the front door. !

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