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Track off-street violations and occupancy in real-time Where do you send your parking enforcement officers? Enforcing parking across your off-street lots is difficult. Many parking managers believe that they are capturing only a small portion of vehicles in infraction. These same parking managers are constantly being asked to increase compliance with fewer and fewer resources while providing data on their operations to back-up the decisions they make. There's a better way Did you know there's a way to see how many vehicles are in each of your lots right now and which of those vehicles are in violation? Using automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), you can record vehicles as they enter and leave your monitored lots. This tells you when each vehicle entered and compares them to the list of permit holders and payments you've received. The end result? You know where the vehicles in violation are and direct enforcement officers to those lots. You also see trends on occupancy and compliance that help you make better parking configuration and policy decisions. AutoVu Free-Flow Applications: Automatic License Plate Recognition Feature note Key benefits Boost enforcement efficiency by optimizing patrol routes based on real-time data Monitor enforcement efficiency and study trends over time by tracking unenforced violations Increase compliance by focusing on parking lots where your officers are needed Automatically identify scofflaws as soon as they enter your parking lots See real-time and historical occupancy statistics Key features A Parking lot occupancy B Number of violations C Live video D Live parking session events A B D C E F G I H E Occupancy over time F Violations over time G Parking summary H Overview of the week I Average occupancy and violations

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