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AutoVu Free-Flow and Multi-Tenant Service

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Offer a contactless and frictionless parking experience AutoVu Free-Flow is an add-on for the Security Center AutoVu parking management system. It tracks off-street parking occupancy and violations in real time. This allows you to offer a gateless parking experience in off-street lots, garages, and shared used facilities, without sacrificing compliance. The Multi-Tenant service provides a web-based portal to monitor occupancy and infractions, and manually update parking usage for tenants in shared parking facilities — from any authenticated computer. Traditional parking access management increases friction Traditional approaches to off-street parking management rely on gates to control access. These legacy systems are not only costly, they offer and outdated customer experience. Managing installations requires further investment in permit management and ticket distribution equipment. But gateless solutions often struggle with compliance and require significant upfront investments. Designing a better customer experience that ensures compliance AutoVu Free-Flow combines the frictionless experience of gateless parking with the high compliance of traditional approaches. Using automated license plate recognition (ALPR), it tracks vehicles as they enter and leave your lots. By matching plates against tenant permits and parking time purchases, it tracks occupancy and violations in real-time so officers can be dispatched to lots with violations to ensure compliance. You can also monitor parking usage by tenant to optimize spot allocation and track overages for invoicing — no compromise needed. AutoVu Free-Flow and Free-Flow Multi-Tenant Industry: Parking Enforcement Applications: Security Center, License Plate Recognition Category: Operations Feature note Key benefits Deliver superior customer experience adapted to your parking rules with support for complex rules, including transient, monthly, and time limit permits. Reduce PARCS equipment purchase and maintenance costs Track real-time parking data from tenant permit usage, lot occupancy, and violations Automatically detect returning scofflaws as soon as they enter your facilities Boost enforcement efficiency by optimizing patrol routes based on real-time data. Applications Optimize your facilities Know which lots are full and when. The AutoVu Free-Flow Multi-Tenant service lets you manage tenant spaces and re-allocate them based on demand to maximize revenue. Track occupancy in your different lots over time to make informed decisions about when to plan maintenance and where additional parking spaces are needed. Provide parking guidance Finding available parking spots is one of the main causes of congestion and lost time. Help your customers identify available spaces nearest their destination. Display up-to- date occupancy information on digital message boards throughout your city, and provide the data to parking navigation applications to improve the user experience. Guide enforcement Improve compliance by monitoring the lots with vehicles in violation and dispatch your parking enforcement officers to the lots where their services are needed. Receive notifications when unwanted parkers or scofflaws enter your facilities via alerts. Dispatch your enforcement agents or local law enforcement to remove these vehicles from your facilities. Mixed-used lots Tap an extensive ecosystem of parking technology partners to achieve your parking vision. Connect to ridesharing solutions, parking guidance systems, valet services, and reservation platforms, in addition to permit management, mobile apps, pay stations, and payment providers. For a list of supported partners, visit genetec.com/paybyplate

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