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AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync

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Simplify the move towards virtual permits and pay-by-plate parking The AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync is a plugin of the Genetec AutoVu license plate recognition system that allows you to dynamically update permit and paid parking information from multiple systems into your AutoVu parking enforcement solution, validate infractions and seamlessly print citations using third-party ticketing solutions. Real-time synchronization ensure patrol vehicles always know which vehicles are allowed to park in a specific location, regardless of the payment source. The AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin simplifies the deployment of your pay-by-plate system and allows you to connect AutoVu with a rich ecosystem of solutions from industry-leading vendors. With AutoVu you can experience greater peace of mind knowing your parking enforcement system can evolve with your needs. Key benefits Greater flexibility by leveraging an industry-leading partner ecosystem Enhanced enforcement efficiency through automated list download and update Improved ease of use with seamless behind the scene data consolidation Simplified support and maintenance by centralizing integration services in your enforcement system Decreased citation disputes and increased customer satisfaction with live infraction validation and configurable grace period AutoVu ™ pay-by-plate sync Sample applications Municipal parking Cities can seamlessly combine information from permit management systems, transient parking payments from pay stations, pay-by-phone services, and time-limit parking by-laws. Off-street parking lots Parking operators can enforce parking paid through pay stations, pay-by-phone solutions and permits from a single vehicle. University parking Universities can easily enforce multiple categories of permits based on the day, time and parking zone, while simultaneously enforcing transient parking paid through pay stations and pay-by-phone. Feature note Applications: Automatic License Plate Recognition

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