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Key features and specifications © 2016-2017 Genetec, Inc. All rights reserved. Genetec, the Genetec logo, Federation, Omnicast, Synergis, and AutoVu are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Genetec. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. PLNMGR_FN1EN Plan Manager software packages Genetec Inc. genetec.com/locations info@genetec.com @genetec Feature note · Plan Manager Feature Basic Standard Advanced Interactive mapping interface embedded within Security Center • • • Support for cameras, doors, areas, zones, and Security Center entities • • • Camera field of view presented on map • • • View entity status change and control devices • • • Raster formats import (JPG, PNG, etc) • • • Multi-Monitor Support • • • Federation Support • • • Maps Failover Support • • • Respond to triggered alarms on map • • Represent walls and obstacles on maps to restrict camera FOV • • Vector format import (PDF) • • Control and orient PTZ cameras (includes Smart Click view) • • Operate zones, intrusion areas, and intercoms from map • • Custom object support • • KML format import • Event monitoring: Receive and view real-time events, and locate them directly on a map Dynamic alarm management: Rapidly identify and respond to alarms by acknowledging or forwarding to other users Interactive security devices: View and manage cameras, doors, intrusion zones, inputs/outputs (IO), ALPR units, and other custom devices Federation support: Access remote Plan Manager maps for federated sites and manage federated entities, such as cameras, doors and ALPR units Map shortcuts: Designate map links and favorite views to rapidly access areas and alarms within a site Fluid map navigation: Take advantage of multi-layer technology and navigate across floor plans with the same fluidity as GIS maps Multi-monitor support: Span a single map across multiple monitors for an enhanced viewing experience Smart click view: Users can select and point all cameras to a specific location on a map. All PTZ cameras in the field of view will orient to the selected area Monitor intrusion areas: Draw areas and contours in a map to identify intrusion zones that are linked to intrusion devices and alarms Designate walls & obstacles: Draw an accurate representation of objects on a map that realistically obstruct a camera's field of view

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