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Enhanced ACS Security Options

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Further secure your organization with a wide range of sophisticated security measures Over time and as potential threats multiply, securing your people and assets with basic access control may not be enough. When your organization requires a multifaceted approach to physical security, Synergis IP Access Control offers unique capabilities that will enhance your overall security strategy. From antipassback to threat level management, to visitor escorts and multi-factor authentication, you now have greater flexibility in meeting your evolving security needs. More importantly, you choose which features to enable as part of a layered approach to security. Key benefits Granular control over who has access to your facilities Reduce tailgating and improper use of physical credentials and cards Require two-person access to higher security areas Ensure visitors are always escorted Respond to threats in real-time Instantly lock down of an area or an entire facility Enhanced access control security Applications: Access Control Sample applications Feature note Threat management and lockdown Equip your security team with the ability to lock down all or part of your facilities by limiting access to security personnel and first responders. Two-person authentication and visitor escort Mandate two separate cardholders to enter secured locations, and guarantee visitors are escorted at all times with advanced two-person rules. Interlocks, mantraps, and flow monitoring Manage cardholder movements with native support of mantraps and interlocks to avoid multiple doors open at the same time; detect cardholder flow through directional entry sensors. Flexible antipassback Eliminate tailgating with a variety of active or passive antipassback measures, including antipassback on schedule and across multiple controllers and sites. First-person-in rules Ensure scheduled door unlocks and standard card access are only activated when a supervisor or staff is present to avoid unattended facilities. Advanced custom card formats and encryption Leverage smart card and reader technology, latest generation encryption, and custom card formats with up to 256 bits of data to add additional layers of security.

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