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Security Center POS Integration

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Synchronize and search video with POS transaction history With the ability to integrate POS Live Viewing and Transaction Reporting functionality with Security Center systems, retailers can improve the investigation of suspicious register transactions. This cutting- edge tool allows operators to search the transaction history of all their stores by querying pre-defined filters, including employee number, date/time, and transaction type (voids, markdowns, gift card sales, etc.), and view the video tied to these events to quickly identify fraudulent transactions. Key benefits Reduce loss and fraud that may occur at POS terminals Synchronize video and POS data to provide visual verification of each transaction Instantly search for transactions across a single or multiple stores Security Center POS Integration Applications: Video Surveillance Key features and specifications Video and POS transaction synchronization Security Center POS Search provides a history of video recordings that are synchronized with transaction receipts. As items are scanned, they are highlighted on the receipt that is displayed next to the video tile, allowing an investigator to verify that a transaction was passed with the stated merchandise, or if the barcode of another product was scanned. Unified security platform for loss prevention POS transaction search is just one of the many applications that can be integrated with Security Center. Based on the needs of the retailer, Security Center can also manage and notify operators of access control events at a store, and alert them of alarms from intrusion detection devices, such as motion detection and door contacts, as well as alarms from the store's EAS Anti-Shoplifting systems. Real-time POS data availability Unlike other data mining and transaction analysis that can often take more than a day to aggregate data, Security Center POS integration is synchronized with a retailer's point-of-sale system. This means the data is available for alert or investigation as soon as it reaches the POS server. This feature is critical when conducting real-time investigations. Rapid investigations across multiple stores With the use of Security Center's automated alarms, users can also generate immediate notifications or email in the event of specific transactional data. These real-time alarm notifications compel operators to acknowledge the event by viewing it or taking other procedural actions, as designated by a store's policies. Through the system's advanced reporting functionality, management can maintain full visibility of what video was viewed by operators and their response to alarm notifications. Feature note POS Search Engine Generate reports with filters such as date, time, store, employee ID, register ID, product and type of transaction (i.e.: voids, refunds, markdowns, employee purchases and gift card sales.)

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