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Badge design tool Accessible in Genetec's unified security interface, the Badge Design tool is an easy to use graphical utility that allows you to create and save badge templates Intuitive graphical interface to design templates, add and manage objects, cut/paste badge elements, import/ export templates Supports standard and user-defined card sizes Auto-assign cardholder personal information and picture Create single and dual-sided badges Add objects such as shapes, text, pictures, and barcodes Badge design and issuance capabilities Badge design Easy to use graphical design and layout tool Create and save company-specific badge designs Single or dual-sided badge design and printing Unrestricted number of badge templates supported Set of predefined badge sizes (CR70/ CR80/CR90/CR100) Portrait and landscape orientation support Preview badge templates before printing Template objects include text, lines, shapes, and pictures Copy and paste template objects Image types: BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG Barcodes: Code 39, Extended Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 Object settings: border color/thickness, fill color, transparency level and opacity, object order (front/back) Text settings: font style and size, color, text wrapping Link objects to static and dynamic text or pictures Auto-assign personal information and picture to objects Advanced features Custom badge sizes Share badge templates across a multi- site organization with Synergis' Global Cardholder Management feature Auto-assign custom fields, current date, activation or expiration dates, and card numbers to template objects Auto-assign static or dynamic values to barcodes objects Import and export badge templates Badge production Strict control over who can view, create, modify, or print badges Assign badge templates to partitions to limit access Card Request workflow to control how and reasons why badges are produced and issued Card Request report to view issued badges, date of issuance, request reasons, and requesters © Genetec Inc., 2017. Genetec and the Genetec Logo are trademarks of Genetec Inc., and may be registered or pending registration in several jurisdictions. Other trademarks used in this document may be trademarks of the manufacturers or vendors of the respective products. SBDI_FN1EN Synergis supports the creation of user-designed badge templates to be used when printing and issuing credentials to your organization's workforce, visitors, or contractors. Genetec Inc. genetec.com/locations info@genetec.com @genetec Feature note · Secure Badge Design and Issuance B B C C C D D D E E A A

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