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System Availability Monitor

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Achieve complete visibility of your system's health Customers rely on you to ensure their system is operational and resolve issues before their operations and security are affected. Yet collecting health information and monitoring events across multiple systems and end users can be quite challenging and costly. Genetec's cloud-based System Availability Monitor ensures you have an up-to-date and global view of the health of systems under your care, including individual system components' health and status. It automatically collects health information and makes it available from any location through an intuitive web-based dashboard. With real-time health information from all your connected systems, you can quickly identify issues requiring your team's attention. Easily audit system health with detailed metrics such as uptime and mean-time-to- recovery (MTTR) for each server role, camera, reader, ALPR and intrusion unit, and plan detailed maintenance tasks prior to any on-site visit. Key benefits Helps ensure the health of your customers' security platform Gives you real-time information, allowing you to identify and resolve issues faster Simple and easy to understand dashboard Centrally monitor systems and health events across your install base from any computer Secure data collection and access with user authentication and SSL- encrypted communications Included at no cost for all systems with an active Genetec software maintenance agreement System Availability Monitor How to leverage the System Availability Monitor Real-time health monitoring Detect units or roles experiencing difficulties with a web-based centralized health dashboard, and ensure no issue goes unattended. Detailed system care evaluation Evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance by comparing system availability metrics such as uptime and mean- time-between-failures (MTBF), both before and after interventions. Efficient maintenance planning Prioritize maintenance activities and prevent unexpected issues by reviewing an individual system's current health and history prior to on-site visits. Feature note Applications: Video Surveillance ∙ Access Control Automatic License Plate Recognition

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