Decreasing networking and storage costs of your IP video surveillance system

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3 | WHITE PAPER | Decreasing Networking and Storage Costs of Your IP Video Surveillance System While organizations continue to benefit from greater network speeds and capacity, the use of IP-based video systems can generate a significant increase in the amount of data traveling on their network as a result of: • deploying high-definition and megapixel cameras, • additional cameras to address a need for coverage across • larger areas, • increases to the number of users accessing video, • recording and maintaining redundant video recordings, • transferring video from one site to another to maintain long-term or centralized recordings. When planning and designing an IP video surveillance system, an organization must take into account the unique aspects of its security environment and its business operations in order to ensure the reliable transmission of video and avoid overloading available network resources. For example, certain deployments will require greater flexibility to manage video streams and bandwidth due to their complex nature, further driving the need for advanced video management capabilities. These scenarios can include: • Distributed sites requiring operators to connect to remote cameras, • Cameras connected to networks with limited bandwidth, such as DSL, wireless, or cellular, • Sharing bandwidth with other operation-critical applications because video is not the top priority for the business. It is equally important for organizations to realize that optimizing the use of network resources does not necessarily require large capital investments but is Challenges For organizations choosing to implement or expand an IP video surveillance system, the ability to efficiently manage video streams and storage is crucial to ensure the best use of the network and reduce costs associated with deploying and operating the system.

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