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Security conversations with Lieutenant Brent Feig of the St. Louis Police Department Lieutenant Brent Feig has been a police officer at St. Louis PD for 18 years. In his time there, he's seen a lot of changes. Particularly, he's seen how technology has evolved to become a cornerstone of the city's security. In this short Q&A, Lieutenant Feig tells us how technology continues to play a bigger role in assisting over 11,800 sworn officers to keep the city safe. He also dives into the importance of connecting with the community, and how that collaboration is helping the city move forward with bigger plans. Q: What are the top three challenges that you face in your environment? A: As far as technology goes, our major challenges really come from making technology accessible to our first responders and other users. The cost of implementing a city-wide system is part of that challenge. Also, we are the ones driving a lot of technology recommendations for our end users such as the police precincts, police street department, and private businesses or anyone that requires or has access to the video surveillance system. We're happy to facilitate those programs but we've had trouble finding vendors who think outside the box and help make those recommendations. At least locally, we're designing the systems for our end users and partners. On a broader scale, we're challenged with crime and the perception of crime in certain areas. That's really where the technology assists us. It's a force-multiplier that helps drive those crime numbers down. Q: How does Genetec technology help you overcome or manage those challenges? A: With Genetec solutions, we get real-time situational awareness. We can see what's coming into our crime center using the automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and video surveillance systems, and offer additional support to officers in the field. That really enhances both officer and public safety. We're also freely able to expand our efforts by merging other technologies within the unified platform. We actually just had discussions about some future projects to integrate more products. Some solutions that we're interested in are Genetec Clearance and Genetec Citigraf ™. Having a unified platform helps us to reduce the time spent in data mining for investigational purposes. It also assists operators at our real-time crime center, who can push information out to our officers on the ground. Q: ALPR is a big focus at your police department. What have been the results of this strategy? A: We do things a little bit different than other cities. We've taken the reverse approach, using the ALPR system as our core technology, and video surveillance as a secondary tool to follow-up and drive investigations further. The ALPR system gives us actionable intelligence. Based on that information, we use video surveillance to support our efforts and that's made a huge impact on the areas where we have deployed these solutions.

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