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Security conversations with Lieutenant Brent Feig of the St. Louis Police Department "We're partnering with local businesses to implement security solutions which will connect back to our real- time crime center." We have a very successful ALPR program. It began in August 2015 with a couple of AutoVu ALPR cameras, and now we have 23 cameras. We're doubling that this summer because the results have been outstanding: • 305 arrests as direct result of "hits" • 854 criminal charges resulting from those arrests • 144 stolen vehicle recovered • 29 illegal firearms recovered Q: Do you build community connections? In other words, do you engage with public or private organizations to better secure your community? If so, how? Please describe your experience. A: Community connection is vital to the success of our crime center. Our police department routinely engages with the public, showcasing what we're doing, how we're using technology, and how we operate to keep our community safe. We do these tours on an individual level, or with neighborhood groups, private organizations, and anyone else who wants to partner with the police department. Additionally, we have developed comprehensive security plans to show how businesses can integrate into the crime center. In a couple of weeks, we're kicking off Operation 'Blue Light'. We're partnering with local businesses to implement security solutions which will connect back to our real-time crime center. Currently, we have three pilot locations ready and a dozen more on the horizon. The feedback that we've received from the community has been very positive. There's been a lot of excitement from the community because they see the goal of a comprehensive security plan. To put things into perspective, we have access to over 500+ cameras, and the department only owns about 60 cameras. All of our ALPR cameras have been procured in cooperation with the private sector. It just goes to show the level of buy-in from our community in our security efforts. It hasn't always been so straight forward. When we first started, getting everyone to the table to discuss our objectives was challenging. We began by selling the concept of this through Genetec Federation. But we were lucky because the port authority, and a few other city entities already had the Genetec system in place. Our Police Chief was also heavily focused on making technology one of the cornerstone of our department. This year, we're doubling our ALPR system and federating more cameras into our crime center. Today, the private and public sectors understand how their security investments all come together to keep the community safe. Q: What excites you about advancements in technology? And how do you think these advancements will impact your police department? A: We're always looking to improve our operational effectiveness and efficiencies, and we do that with technology. So, we're aiming to bring all our disparate technologies within one platform to increase our efficiency. We're not unique, many law enforcement teams have made investments in a host of different technologies that don't talk to each other. But we're pushing for more unification at our real- time crime center. It helps eliminate any guesswork and makes everything easily accessible in real-time. We're also looking to share more information between stakeholders to reduce the information gap and improve our decision-making process. With the latest innovations from Genetec, we're able to continue breaking down the silos and improve our effectiveness in securing our city.

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