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Key features Powered directly from a scooter (typically under 40 watts) Centralized data collection and operations Compact, all-in-one design Lightweight (under 15 kg), transferable unit Easy to install and use How can we improve parking enforcement in cramped, narrow streets? We all know that automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) allows officers to cover more ground faster. But managing city parking with an ALPR equipped car in the narrow, busy streets of Europe is challenging. Adding scanning technology to a scooter provides the maneuverability you need, but also has its limitations; taxing your battery and managing the added weight of external power which limits your vehicle's autonomy. A modern solution that fits old cities Genetec Motoscan™ packs a complete ALPR system in a compact case. Genetec Motoscan is energy efficient and light-weight, so it is easy to mount on a scooter without compromising balance or stability. This means your officers can patrol continuously without concern while on-foot officers deliver citations based on the ALPR data. Extended range – Running on less power than most incandescent light bulbs (typically under 40 Watts), Motoscan runs directly on the regular power output of your traditional or electric scooter. This means that you are able to scan plates as long as there is gas in the tank or charge on the battery. Your enforcement officer has as much autonomy as the scooter they are equipped with, allowing them to reach the furthest reaches of your city. Simplified enforcement – Weighing less than 15 kg, Motoscan fits easily on the back of your scooter without impacting the driver experience. Motoscan requires no ongoing interaction, so parking enforcement officers simply drive the scooter while the system scans plates and relays the data to a central location. Product specifications Genetec Motoscan Cover more ground Benefits Dispatch officers where they are needed– License plate data from Motoscan is retrieved centrally so your team confirms the infractions and can dispatch other officers to enforce them. No longer needing to give out citations themselves, your Motoscan operator keeps scanning plates, getting the most out of your investment.

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