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Genetec 2280 Alfred-Nobel Blvd., Suite 400, Montreal, QC, Canada H4S 2A4 T 514.332.4000 F 514.332.1692 genetec.com info@genetec.com Fuzzy Matching – Due to environmental factors, such as dirt or snow accumulation on license plates, errors sometime occur in a read. e fuzzy matching feature enhances verification within AutoVu™ to ensure that even if a read is imperfect, operators are still getting the best possible matches of every license plate to the database of vehicles of interest. Fuzzy matching analyzes incomplete license plate reads, containing one or more errors, against a hotlist and alerts the officer in case of any potential matches. In-Vehicle Mapping – AutoVu™ is equipped with intuitive graphical features, including in-vehicle mapping, to help ensure accuracy and ensure operators can remain effective while on duty. Accessible from within the vehicle or the backoffice, map displays provide operators an easier method to not only visualize the location of a read but also generates a specific location such as a street address. Wildcard Hotlists – When only partial license plate numbers are available to identify a suspect vehicle, officers can create a wildcard hotlist database in order to rapidly identify potential hits. Notifications of hotlist hits can be identified with different sounds, colors, and priority assignments than those of definite matches. Covert Hotlists – Covert hotlists are available to ensure the discretion of an on-going investigation or special operation. When a hit is identified, only the authorized officer at the Security Center station will be notified, while the in-vehicle patroller will not be alerted. is enables enforcement officials to assign multiple objectives to the vehicle and backend systems, while not interrupting the priorities of officers on duty. Automatic Events and Alarms – Officers can receive automated alarms and events from the AutoVu™ system when a black-listed, wanted, or stolen vehicle is detected. is allows officials to prioritize and respond to the events deemed most urgent. Live Data Transmission – e AutoVu™ system ensures officers are kept up-to-date with the latest information through the live update of ALPR reads and hits. Using the Security Center client, officers can remotely monitor one or more Patroller units, fixed Sharp cameras, or specific hotlists in real-time. Third-Party System Integration – rough its advanced SDK, AutoVu™ can integrate with other soware applications to fit within existing workflows and operational processes. AutoVu ™ Automatic License Plate Recognition Key Features AVLE_BR2EN © Genetec Inc., 2017. Genetec, AutoVu, the Genetec logo and the AutoVu Logo are trademarks of Genetec Inc., and may be registered or pending registration in several jurisdictions. Other trademarks used in this document may be trademarks of the manufacturers or vendors of the respective products.

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