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Key features Turnkey appliance with Genetec™ Security Center pre-installed Optional built-in encoder card with support for up to 32 analog cameras Deploy a unified security system with native support for IP door control hardware and electronic locks. 3-year hardware warranty with 1-year advance replacement The Streamvault™ 300 Series all-in-one security appliance helps you move to unified system combining video surveillance and access control. With support for legacy CCTV cameras, you can leverage existing equipment and benefit from Security Center's advanced capabilities. Speed up your deployment – Get your security system up and running quickly and efficiently with Security Center pre-installed and built-in wizard-based tools to configure your system. Protect your security system – Streamvault appliances help you build a resilient security system that protects your data and operations. Our cyber security experts stay vigilant on evolving threats and help identify and address new vulnerabilities promptly. Preserve your existing investment – Leverage legacy analog cameras and expand your system with new IP units. The Streamvault 300 Series appliance supports up to 32 analog cameras, so you can upgrade at your own pace. Retail Standardize your processes across your entire chain. The Streamvault 300 Series appliance lets you record and monitor video locally, and makes it easy to connect remote sites with a centralized location. Education The Streamvault 300 Series lets you monitor entries and exists with unified video and access control, so you can keep staff and students safe across your school. Banking Combine video, access control and intrusion systems in a single platform and enhance security across your installations. With support for legacy CCTV camera, you can seamlessly upgrade to unified security. Product specifications Streamvault 300 Series All-in-one security appliance Benefits Applications Guaranteed performance up to 32 cameras up to 100 readers up to 32 ALPR cameras up to 20 TB storage

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