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Key features Turnkey appliance with Genetec™ Security Center pre-installed Enterprise SATA storage 3 year hardware warranty with next business day on-site service The Streamvault™ SV-1000 is a cost-effective rackmount security appliance designed for mid-sized security systems. It helps you move to a unified security system combining video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition, communications, intrusion and analytics in a single appliance. Get up and running faster – The Streamvault SV-1000 appliance accelerates new system deployment. With Security Center pre-loaded and guaranteed performance, you can move to unified security faster. Protect your security system – Streamvault appliances help you build a resilient security system that protects your data and operations. Our cyber security experts stay vigilant on evolving threats and help identify and address new vulnerabilities promptly. Simplified maintenance – The Streamvault SV-1000 is delivered with built-in tools to monitor system health and simplify updates. It reduces service calls and makes it easy to take full advantage of the latest Security Center capabilities. Retail The Streamvault SV-1000 lets you unify your video surveillance with point-of-sale systems, and provides a standardized turnkey solution for repeatable deployment accoss locations. Education Combine video surveillance, access control and intercoms in a single device with the Streamvault SV-1000. And with Security Center Mobile pre-loaded, you can access your cameras from anywhere. Corporate security Monitor entries and exits and review video surveillance videos from the same interface. The Streamvault SV-1000 is the perfect security appliance for office environments, allowing you to efficiently protect staff, visitors and assets. Product specifications Streamvault SV-1000 Rackmount security appliance Benefits Applications Guaranteed performance up to 2000 readers up to 75 ALPR cameras up to 200 Mbps throughput up to 40 TB storage

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