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A Single Platform That Evolves with You Get access to highly scalable computing resources that can be provisioned on-demand, allowing you to rapidly adapt to changing security requirements, and only pay for what you use. Take advantage of greater economies of scale and purchase resources from a centralized pool rather than purchasing your own infrastructure. Security Center / Cloud Services Stratocast ™ Camera Connections Eliminate the need for on-premises servers with a unique service that records video in the cloud. Deploy your video surveillance system in record time with no servers or soware to install, and without any IT involvement for ongoing maintenance or updates. Stratocast connects to other Security Center systems and offers you a simple way to deploy remote cameras and centrally monitor multi- site systems. Ideal for: Multi-site deployments, remote sites, temporary surveillance Federation ™ -as-a-Service Centralize monitoring operations, reduce your costs associated to managing distributed surveillance systems and continue to use your existing Security Center system. Federation-as-a-Service helps you reduce the cost and time needed to provision new servers and administer updates as you add new systems to a Federation™. e head-end system is automatically kept up-to-date with the latest Security Center releases and integrations, allowing remote federated sites to update their on-premises systems at their own pace, while also avoiding compatibility issues when connecting to the central system. Ideal for: Centralized monitoring Cloud Archives Ensure video is stored in a secure, off-site location by transferring incidents and critical events to Cloud Archives. Organizations can send select video recordings to the cloud and continue to leverage their existing Security Center system. is hybrid solution allows for greater flexibility with storage capacity, and doesn't require additional hardware. Operators can quickly view and search archived video, whether located on-premises or in the cloud. Ideal for: Long-term retention, off-site video protection Security Center Cloud Services at a Glance

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