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Restricted Security Area Surveillance

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Genetec Security Center RSA Surveillance add-on With vast and expansive areas to protect, airports present unique security and operational challenges. Being able to expand coverage all the way to the airport's perimeter to identify normal or suspicious activity is critical to the security of any airport, large or small. Wide area RSA surveillance technology, such as radar and laser detection devices, help you extend coverage and rapidly geo-locate activity around the tarmac and other restricted areas. Through its RSA Surveillance module, the Genetec Security Center unified platform integrates with a growing array of RSA technology and devices, such as radar and laser-based solutions. This allows you to detect potential threats across wide areas to strengthen tarmac, aircraft, traveler, and staff security. Automatically tracked on geographical maps, moving targets are intuitively displayed so that airport security personnel assess and respond to threats in less time. Key benefits Unify RSA Surveillance with airport access control and video security solutions Augment security and ensure complete coverage all the way to the airport's perimeter Geo-locate and track all perimeter activity from ground staff or potential threats Visualize moving targets on dynamic airport maps for enhanced situational awareness With more information on hand, dispatch staff to neutralize threats more efficiently Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance Feature note Applications: Unified Security ∙ Video Surveillance ∙ Access Control Sample applications Unified airport security Traditionally managed as standalone systems, radar and laser-based detection systems can now be unified with the rest of the airport security infrastructure managed by Security Center. Delivering a comprehensive strategy that offers multiple layers of security from curb side to the perimeter fence, airports reach new levels of awareness and responsiveness. Airport security personnel monitor and run reports within Security Center, the same interface that allows them to monitor video cameras, physical access control, and vehicle movement. You neutralize threats faster by viewing RSA Surveillance events linked to multiple security cameras, and run investigations by reviewing archived footage tied to RSA Surveillance activity. Through the RSA Surveillance module, Security Center connects to your radar or laser detection system over the airport's security network. Your RSA system synchs events and alarms in real-time with Security Center, so your operators are instantly aware of any activity or threat. Potential threats are handled directly in the alarm management task or maps of the airport. By automatically synchronizing RSA intrusion areas, you introduce a new layer of information and command & control capabilities on Security Center maps. Personnel can arm or disarm RSA intrusion areas, visually monitor activity, and view live or recorded video associated with each target. They acknowledge intrusion alarms on a map, and use reporting tasks for focused investigations. You can easily add RSA Surveillance devices to your Genetec security system using the Security Center configuration interface. Automatically import multiple intrusion zones from the devices and add them to the maps. Once imported, radar detection zones become another layer on the Security Center dynamic maps and can be armed and disarmed on schedule. All intrusion data are stored, hence available through the dedicated investigation task. The operator can search per intrusion event (applying one or multiplle filters ) and replay the target trail on the map side by side with the camera view. How it works

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