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Protecting against cybercriminal activity At Genetec, we provide secure and compliant solutions that help you build a system that can face cyber threats and protect everyone's privacy, without compromising security. Our solutions help you deploy a true defense-in-depth strategy. Our comprehensive approach to security incorporates multiple lines of defense to secure your environment and protect your data. From communications between devices and servers to data storage, our on-premises and cloud products provide you with the tools you need to keep your operations and data safe. Key benefits Deploy a cyber resilient system that evolves with time to face current and future threats Choose the right technologies to address changing needs Improve your efficiency with automated services and features Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of your data Safeguard the privacy of patrons, employees, and their personally identifiable information (PII) Security-of-security Applications: Video Surveillance ∙ Access Control Automatic License Plate Recognition A multi-layered software security model Use an audited and compliant system Our security experts assess how new features and capabilities could impact the integrity of your system and define the necessary protections that must be implemented. Once development is complete, our source code and services are audited and tested by third-parties. This ensures compliance with the highest standards of security and privacy. Make the information available to the right people Prevent unauthorized access to your system, and ensure that your security personnel have access only to what they need. Authentication keeps your video and data from getting into the wrong hands, while authorization features let you manage who can access which part of your security system. Keep out prying eyes Protect confidential information and sensitive data, while also enhancing the security of communication between client and servers. With end-to-end encryption, even if an unauthorized person or entity gains access to your data, it is not readable without the appropriate key. Protect everyone's privacy Our solutions include Privacy by Design. They let you define who has access to sensitive data and footage, without slowing down investigations and incident response. They also allow you to protect the identity of anyone captured in live and recorded video. Feature note

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