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Partner perspective: Axis Communications

Brass shouldn't weigh you down this holiday season

Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner. It is no secret that we are entering the most critical, hectic season for the retail industry. There’s inventory to manage, KPIs to achieve and seasonal employees to onboard. The last thing security and operations want to worry about is managing the risks and vulnerabilities of an access control system.

With the latest innovations around open, IP-based physical access control equipment, they don’t have to anymore. Just follow these recommendations to combat the 4 pains of access control this holiday season.

  1. Managing locks & keys - The retail industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates, especially during the holiday season. That turnover comes hand in hand with the logistical headache of shelling out additional costs for new brass locks and keys. Avoid wasting all that time and money by managing permission levels and adding or removing employee access instantly with an IP-based access control solution.
  2. Unattended deliveries - We’ve all experienced jam-packed stores and aggressive customers during the holiday peaks. It’s not easy taking time off the floor to accept deliveries and keep the inventory moving. Eliminate hassle with Axis’ network door stations by combining communication, video surveillance and remote entry control in one single device. This allows you to remotely identify a visitor and open the door regardless of where you are.
  3. Policy violations - Managing access rights and permission levels, centrally or locally, is now just a few clicks away. The trouble with locks and keys is you can’t monitor who gives keys to whom. With a network door controller​, you can designate times when employees enter the store, limit access to certain areas, or require different methods of identification such as card readers, PINs or biometrics.
  4. Locked out of my own systems - The last thing you need in the evolving retail space is to be locked into your own access control solution. IoT is providing a new world of possibilities that free retailers from the limitations of proprietary hardware. The AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller integrated with the Genetec Synergis™ Cloud Link and video surveillance cameras allows operators to monitor events in real-time, perform visual verification of card holders, and run a variety of interactive reports. See it for yourself below.

Ready to optimize your access control system for this holiday season? Click here for more information about how Axis and Genetec can help.