Reliable video and security monitoring at Puy du Fou

January 8, 2018


Located Western France, Puy du Fou is a world-renowned theme park that attracts more than 2 million people every year. Today, the security team is managing over 250 cameras from Security Center, making sure set transitions happen smoothly and everyone stays safe.

Located Western France, Puy du Fou is a world-renowned theme park that attracts more than 2 million people every year. It is the second most popular theme park in France after Disneyland Paris. Founded in 1978 with one show, the park now brings over 26 historical re-enactments to life in jaw-dropping fashion. Its main event showcases 1200 actors, hundreds of horses and 800 fireworks on the world’s largest stage. Behind the scenes, the team watches over every act to make sure set transitions happen smoothly and everyone stays safe.

The company

Every time a new show is launched, new cameras are added. At one point, the existing video system could no longer handle the transfer loads. The team would either experience video lags or worse, miss entire video frames. This meant that stage managers were sometimes unable to quickly identify and react problems during a show and surveillance team were often missing critical video evidence during investigations. As the number of cameras grew to surpass 100, the older system became more difficult to manage and maintain.

The challenge

“The security teams have taken full control of surveillance efforts with Security Center. For instance, before it would take 15 people to spot a suspect in the park. Now, it just takes two.”

Laurent Martin, Security Manager, Puy du Fou


Puy du Fou knew that a more robust and centralized video system would be easier for operators to use and for IT team to maintain. The theme park relied on the expertise of i3S, a local integrator, who proposed Genetec Security Center. Today, the team at Puy du Fou is managing over 250 cameras from the unified security platform, without interruption. It’s now easier for staff to dive into details in a crowd and quickly react to any show disturbances.

An easy-to-use platform helps operators become more effective at their jobs. It’s exactly what Puy du Fou has experienced since installing Security Center. Each stage manager has a control station with two monitors that display up to 32 video frames at a time. The security control room is equipped with an eight-screen video wall which shows up to 128 frames simultaneously. From there, five operators take charge of the park's video surveillance.

The Solution

Intuitive Monitoring

The interface is clutter-free and easy-to-understand. In two mouse clicks, operators can export a video sequence or quickly jump from one camera to another directly in the video frame.

IT Approved Solution

“There is one overall database for camera management. It's a virtual machine that we can run on any server, which simplifies maintenance operations,” said Mathias Jauffrit, Head of IT.

Unmatched Video Quality

Security Center supports the latest bandwidth-efficient compression formats including H.264 video streaming. This has given the team clear and seamless access to video without interruption.

Off-Season Remote Security

Operators monitor access to the site during the off-season. If motion is detected, operators receive an alarm. They can then pull up video and address intruders via an intercom module.

Products Used

Security Center Omnicast

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