Video Surveillance Subscription at FSU

May 14, 2018


Located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States, Florida State University (FSU) welcomes over 42,000 students and 14,000 employees. During a recent video surveillance upgrade on campus, FSU chose Security Center SaaS edition, a more affordable subscription-based option with full service included.

At Florida State University, it’s easy for students to enjoy campus life. That’s because the FSU Police Department (PD) works hard to ensure everyone feels safe across this 1,650-acre research university. With over 42,000 students and 14,000 employees, there’s rarely a dull moment at FSU. People bustle around the main campus in Tallahassee, Florida and other locations, moving between 16 colleges and over 110 centers, facilities, labs and institutes. As they do, FSU PD works quietly in the background, reinforcing a strong sense of safety, so students can achieve their greatest aspirations and faculty can focus on teaching and research.

The company

Over the years, FSU expanded its surveillance system on the main Tallahassee campus by adding one digital or network video recorder at a time. Eventually, the Police Department ended up with many disjointed systems. When an operator needed to access video footage, they would have to log in and out of each system. Dealing with renewals on different software maintenance agreements also became tiresome and costly. While FSU considered bringing everything under one enterprise solution, there was simply no way to maintain and support the new system. Both PD and IT resources were already at capacity.

The challenge

"There just wasn't any other way to go. Not only do we get the full enterprise solution with servers installed on-site, we're getting the support that we need all bundled in one fee."

Colleen Thomas, Director, Campus Access & Security Services (CASS), FSU


“Our thoughts kept coming back to ‘If we make this investment in a centralized server-based solution, who will manage everything?’ And we were always scrambling to get maintenance agreements up to date,” said Thomas. That’s why the decision was unanimous— the university’s police, IT, and purchasing departments all agreed the Security Center SaaS edition met their requirements.

The security advisor, SiteSecure, bundled servers, software licenses, support, and maintenance in a manageable pay-as-you-go 5-year contract. FSU avoided an over $250,000 capital expenditure, obtaining the solution for an affordable annual fee covered by operational budgets. While the entire solution is installed on site, the IT and police departments no longer need to find time for servers or maintenance. Instead, FSU PD focus on keeping the campus safe.

The solution

The affordable solution

“While there was an initial capital outlay, it wasn’t too significant,” said Thomas. FSU PD is now operating with more predictable costs, making it easier to calculate pricing for expansion.

No hassle, no maintenance

Any time FSU PD has questions or requires assistance, SiteSecure is just one phone call away. Since the integrator is leasing the servers to the University, they handle maintenance too.

Room to grow

With this new purchasing model, FSU has been able to organically scale its enterprise video system. Today, they are managing over 350 cameras, but servers can accommodate up to 700 cameras.

Excellent customer service

“On one hand, we’re generating recurring revenue, but the biggest advantage with this model is having the opportunity to solidify a long-term relationship with our client,” said SiteSecure.

Security Center SaaS Edition

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