Introducing MacKay Meters

June 3, 2014 Jim Taylor

Since 1960, MacKay Meters, has been at the forefront of parking control innovations. We offer a variety of parking control solutions including everything from multi-space parking control machines and single space parking meters, to meter management systems and third-party equipment such as handheld computers, gates, and vehicle boots.

MacKay was the first single-space parking meter company in the world to be ISO 9001:2000 certified and we have maintained this prestigious quality assurance recognition since 1995. Today, MacKay is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our company has more than 500,000 fully electronic parking meter mechanisms in service worldwide. Locations span cities such as Miami, Boston, Orlando, Chicago, Ottawa, Vancouver, New York to name a few. Most recently, MacKay was chosen to provide the City of San Francisco with 500 pay-by-space MacKay GuardianTM Multi Elite pay stations.

The Elite is our newest, more compact multi-space parking machine model, and possesses all the features, reliability, programming and integration flexibility that the parking industry demands. The MacKay Guardian Multi Elite works alongside MacKay Meters intuitive SentinelTM Meter Management System and integrates with various third-party applications. With Sentinel, our customers can remotely monitor their MackKay parking multi and single space parking machines through a secure web interface on a computer, handheld or smart phone.

The MacKay GuardianTM Multi Elite pay by plate has also recently been integrated with AutoVu, the automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system, providing cities, universities, enterprise and government organizations with an easy transient parking solution and effective pay by plate enforcement. 

While Sentinel MMS offers basic handheld enforcement for smaller parking operations, AutoVu and its pay-by-plate sync is the most efficient parking enforcement solution for covering more lots in less time. MacKay and AutoVu can both also incorporate third-party technologies such as pay-by-phone applications or other complimentary equipment and parking systems.

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