Are you getting the most out of your ALPR system?

While the accuracy rate of traditional rules-based ALPR systems is very good, every false positive still requires human intervention.

As a parking operator, you know better than anyone that any time a plate is misread, or a sign or object is mistakenly read as a plate, your enforcement officers must stop and validate the information, resulting in lost productivity. These service interruptions not only cause customer dissatisfaction but also ultimately cost you time and money.  

Finding the right ALPR system for you 

Choosing the right automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system can increase the impact of your parking enforcement activities. Optimized to run on current ALPR hardware already used by our customers in the field, Genetec AutoVuTM MLC (Machine Learning Core) improves plate-read performance by an additional 5%.

By minimizing false positives and misreads, AutoVu MLC increases accuracy rates and allows you to get more reliable data and greater efficiency out of your existing ALPR system, saving you thousands of dollars per year! 

Optimizing your parking enforcement activities  

To help you evaluate the impact that plate reading accuracy can have on your bottom line, Genetec has developed an ALPR calculator.

By simply entering the typical citation amount, the number of days of enforcement per week, the hours of enforcement per day, and the violation rate percentage, you can discover how much you can potentially save each year.   

The AutoVu MLC is available as a firmware update for new and existing AutoVu SharpVTM hardware from Genetec certified channel partners and integrators. It doesn’t require costly hardware upgrades and can run on AutoVu SharpV and most SharpX cameras already deployed in the field.   

Want more accurate ALPR?

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