Some cool integrations with Security Center SDK

June 8, 2012 Jonathan Doyon

This week was the opening of the Genetec Bistro in our Montreal headquarters. It's a great new alternative for people like me who often rush to the nearest calorie intensive drive-thru between two meetings. And now, this easily accessible option becomes a healthy option.

Don't worry, this is not a blog about healthy eating behaviors but about the software our custom integration team developed to avoid having a cashier sitting at checkout.


Basically, we installed Security Center with one HID Edge reader, one camera and a custom .NET application developed for touch screens. To start a new check-out transaction, you simply swipe your Prox Card over the reader and select what you have on your tray, directly on the touch screen. All this information is stored in a database and sent to our payroll system which then automatically gets deducted from the individual's paycheck at the end of the month. As well, the system generates all the information to pay the contractor that operates the Bistro.

Video of the Software in the Bistro

Since we use Security Center's Active Directory integration, as soon as we create a new employee account in the Genetec Active Directory, they are automatically enrolled in the self-checkout system of the Bistro, and at the same time, granted access to any doors associated with their Active Directory Security Groups.


Here's an example of how one of our oldest customers integrated Security Center with their HR Portal to manage employees, on top of SharePoint. As they have thousands of employees, they need to control access of the different areas in the different buildings. Their Hiring Manager simply fills a form in Sharepoint with all the information required by, including which security group the employee should be part of. Once approved, the information is automatically pushed to Active Directory to create the new Windows User profile, as well as sent to Security Center to enroll the cardholder with the appropriate access rules.

Easy to unlock doors

Another customer developed a small application that runs in the background as a windows tray application. Whenever someone activates the buzzer on the door, the application simply pops-up on the screen with a video of the person in front of the door and one button to unlock the door. This prevents the receptionist or office manager from running the complete Security Desk on their workstation. Stay tuned...we are working on some SDK videos to help developers better understand the different parts of the SDK. In the meantime, if you enjoyed this article and want to learn more on our SDK for Security Center, our unified security platform, check out our website for all the services we offer. Or, simply leave us a comment and tell us what you thought about these cool integrations!

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