Behind the scenes of an American football championship game

February 2, 2017


Football StadiumThe countdown is on. The biggest event in American football is only days away and fans are ready for the action. The many organizations that work together to protect this highly-anticipated event are gearing up too. Everyone from stadium security teams, city departments, local and federal police agencies, and first responders are collaborating to make this event a success– and that incudes keeping everyone safe. 

So how do these cities, mass events and venues protect fans without taking away from the guest experience? It’s a balancing act. It means allowing massive crowds to move freely from venues to public spaces, all while discreetly monitoring what’s happening in a city at all times.

In a recent article about securing the event, Special Agent Shauna Dunlap, FBI spokesperson, said it best: “Just because you don’t see us, it doesn’t mean we are not there.”

Security teams and police agencies depend on advanced technologies to enhance situational awareness. Operators can then quickly identify and diffuse threats, without fans even noticing. Below are a few examples.

How Mass Venues and Events Stay Secure with Security Center

Work Together - Many sites can be monitored from a central control room, and systems can be securely shared with outside agencies. This keeps every team on the same page, and heightens response efficiency. Read about how LAPD used the Federation™ feature to secure LA2015.

Keep Eyes on the Ground – Security teams rely on a combination of cameras with HD clarity, wide dynamic range, 360-degree views and they add more temporary cameras to expand coverage. Find out how easy and affordable it is to add cameras using Cloud Services.

See It All from Parking to Seats - Unifying systems such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion and intercom helps teams get better understanding of their environment, and make faster decisions. Learn how Levi’s Stadium secured the last championship game with a unified security platform.

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