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Partner perspective: VIVOTEK Inc.

True open platform Cloud surveillance

One thing that has been noticeably missing from professional video surveillance is true cloud recording. In the IT world you can't go anywhere without hearing about the cloud.  However, due to bandwidth limitations in HD video streaming, this practice in surveillance hasn't evolved much beyond the single camera at mostly residential locations.  That is why I am extremely excited about the release of the cloud surveillance Stratocast™ platform.  

Stratocast™ is a true cloud VMS solution for the SMB market. Previous to Stratocast™, cloud upload devices were still needed at job locations. Just like on-site NVRs, these needed to be configured and installed.  These still created a choke point for video footage upload and a potential point of failure. Now with no devices other than IP cameras at the user location, Stratocast™ provides a very efficient solution to get SMB customers professional grade video surveillance immediately through a smartphone app.  Here's the benefit users and installers will receive from the Stratocast™ platform. End users now have immediate access to their surveillance through their smartphone. All video recordings will be stored off-site in the cloud accessible anytime. All maintenance or updates to Stratocast™ are via the cloud and seamless to the end user.  SMB customers no longer have to call in their installer for simple firmware updates, issues with how to operate an NVR, or any other technical support issues. For the installer, they now have the ability to install jobs faster since Stratocast™ can be set up remotely via their maintenance license. Likewise, they can maintain their accounts remotely as well.  And on top of all that, they will have less service calls since Genetec manages any updates and changes in the cloud. They even guarantee 99.5% uptime. With less install and maintenance time, installers can focus more of their attention on adding new customers. 

By using Stratocast™-enabled IP cameras, users have greater options for camera flexibility than with current residential cloud cameras. Current cloud camera offerings only have one shape, round and dropped from the ceiling. Stratocast™-enabled IP cameras include 1080P indoor and outdoor domes and bullet form factors. These models blend in more with the existing infrastructure, making them more aesthetically pleasing to vertical markets like retail. They are also offered in both fixed lens models as well as vari-focal lens models, thus allowing installers to provide the best possible image for any given scenario. From enabling Stratocast™ in 3rd party IP cameras, SMB users now receive a customized video surveillance solution tailored to their business that's accessible anytime from the cloud. Previously, the only thing available was a "1-size fits all" wide angle camera. True, the image is decent and covers a wide angle, but that's only good for overall situational awareness. What if you want to focus on the cash register in a restaurant to view employees handling cash? What if you want to focus on an entrance for facial recognition shots into your store? Or what if you want to focus on the driveway into your house to capture license plates? A single model camera cannot do all of those things efficiently. That would be like driving a sports coupe on a race track, a backcountry road, and through the mud after a storm.

Talking about the cloud is no longer something in the future for the security world. Stratocast™ has enabled us to change that conversation to now, the present day. The biggest winner is the SMB consumer. They get the VMS expertise from an enterprise leader in Genetec all in the palm of their hands on their smartphone. With the flexibility of a subscription service, multiple cameras to select from, and cloud storage, Genetec has made professional video surveillance incredibly easy for small and medium sized businesses.  

For more information on Stratocast™ enabled IP cameras, please visit the VIVOTEK website.