The Synergis Master Controller Enclosure

July 21, 2014 François Brouillet

Even Greater Protection: The Synergis Master Controller Enclosure

Synergis Master Controller (SMC)The Synergis Master Controller (SMC) from Genetec is an intelligent IP controller based on an open architecture that helps deliver non-proprietary access control solutions.  According to the judges at IFSEC-who awarded it the Access Control Product of the Year award-the SMC is best-in-its-class because, in addition to its fast and efficient set-up and affordable integration, it is also the most future-proof investment for security installations.

To protect this powerful solution, Genetec SMC Enclosuresoffers the SMC Enclosure.  The Enclosure is the wall-mounted cabinet that protects an organization's Master Controller and investment.  For the organization, the Enclosure means greater peace of mind because, in addition to providing physical protection from harm or damage, the Enclosure can also be configured to send alerts when it is opened or tampered with in anyway. 

The SMC Enclosure from Genetec comes in two sizes.  The small Enclosure can house a 4-reader kit, while the large Enclosure can house up to 8-reader kit.  Both sizes are available in standalone or pre-wired versions. SMC enclosure

While the standalone SMC Enclosure can be customized and configured to suit a system's specific needs, the pre-wired Enclosure is factory-certified and includes the SMC and RS-485 module, power supply and fuse assembly. The pre-wired model speeds up the installation process as less time is spent on wiring and increases confidence that every element in the Enclosure is properly cut, fitted, and installed. 

For more information on the SMC or the SMC Enclosure check out the Synergis Master Controller Brochure.

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