3 most common questions about unifying access control and VMS - Question 3

August 9, 2016


“Is there a right time to unify my video surveillance and access control systems?” The short answer is no. Ways to merge disparate video and access control have been around for years and will still be available tomorrow. However, the sooner you do invest in unifying your video surveillance and access control systems, the sooner your organization will be able to realize the associated time and cost efficiencies of working from and maintaining a single security platform.

That said, certain guidelines can help you determine if now is a good time to start thinking about unifying your systems. Here are three scenarios that might make you want to consider unification sooner rather than later.

  • Your Application Is Mission Critical: If you are working within a mission-critical security environment, where receiving data from multiple systems is vital to ensuring quick response to neutralize a threat, unification can empower your operators to make informed decisions within moments.
  • You Are Ready to Replace an Older System: If you are ready to replace an existing video surveillance or access control system, this would be a good time to think through your unification strategy. Investing in the right platform from the onset is the most important aspect in unifying multiple systems. Instead of being forced to incur development costs of a PSIM or inefficiencies from basic system integration, considering an off-the-shelf unified security platform such as Security Center is your most advantageous option.
  • You Want to Enhance Your Operations Over the Long-Term: If you have outlined objectives to either reduce operational costs or eventually increase your operational efficiency, you might want to consider a phased approach to unification. Security Center give you all the perks of deeply unified functionalities between video and access control, and also allows you to evolve the platform over time. For instance, you can upgrade to Genetec™ Synergis™, the IP access control system of Security Center, and integrate it with an existing video surveillance system. Later on, you can also upgrade to the IP video surveillance system, Omnicast™.

By choosing Security Center to unify your video surveillance and access control systems, you can also incorporate new devices, and technologies as they come to market. More than unification, Security Center gives you highly advanced features such mobile capabilities, a built-in map interface, next-generation logical security mechanisms, multi-site monitoring, and the flexibility to activate these features at any point in time as your business objectives and organizational needs evolve. Also, capitalize on Security Center's continuously evolving built-in end-to-end encryption that protects your security platform from cyber threats, without worrying of incompatible upgrades from disparate systems.

Interested in learning more? Read our white paper, Considerations and Best Practices for Migration to an IP-based Access Control System.


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