What you might not know about Genetec support

March 25, 2015

Selling a solution or service is one thing; and being able to deliver timely and effective support is another. In the security industry, installations are quite complex and many different technological components and criteria factor into the performance of a system. Simple plug and play is not often the reality. That's why Genetec is committed to helping our customers and partners even after they have purchased or sold our products.

Genetec Support

We pride ourselves on building an effective and reliable security system, and so it is our job to make sure our customers get the support they need. Sometimes offering support is as quick as answering a simple question, or guiding someone through some possible solutions. Other times, our support staff will go as far as to remotely access the system (with permission of course) to help make the fixes that are necessary. We don't take shortcuts, we don't point fingers and we don't dismiss any concerns; we listen and we help our customers to find solutions. Ultimately, we stop at nothing to make sure our customers and partners feel like we are their trusted advisor.

Due to the strong relationships that we have developed with our network of customers and partners, some support queries have actually led to new innovations. We are not shy to admit that some of the problems our customers have faced have inspired us to add new features or make product improvements. We believe that the support we offer to our customers is mutually beneficial: 1- we ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Genetec investment, and ultimately that they are happy; and 2- we learn about the challenges that our customers face which enables us to improve our solutions for existing and future customers.

3 Ways Genetec Strives to Support Our Customers

If you are not familiar with our support initiatives, check out the following links:

1. Read about Our Maintenance Agreements - Renew or upgrade your software maintenance agreement to get the support that meets your demands.

2. Sign Up for Our Technical Assistance Portal - Get convenient 24/7 access to knowledge base article and discussions boards with other users for quick answers. It's free!

3. Contact the Genetec Technical Assistance Center - Call us when you need us. We will always do our very best to make sure you get the answers you need.

It is our relentless pursuit to deliver the most innovative security solutions on the market, and part of that means offering our customers the most exceptional technical support. What do you think about the support we offer? Share your story about your Genetec support experience.

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