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Perimeter panel with

The purpose of a security system for perimeter protection is to discover threats efficiently. However, false and nuisance alarms have constantly been a major issue across industries. What is the status of perimeter surveillance systems today? How efficient are they? How will perimeter security systems change and develop over the next years?

In this panel, we address all you need to know regarding creating a reliable indoor and outdoor perimeter surveillance solution. With experts joining us from Axis, Optex and Genetec, we speak about the different uses of technology across many industries, as well as discussing challenges, including how to deal with the increasing threats from intruding drones.

The expert panel will also exchange views and visions about AI and upcoming innovations. Moderated by Lennart Alexandrie, editor at, we sit down with perimeter experts Mark Cosgrave from Optex, Tobias Ekberg from Axis and David Lenot from Genetec.