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Security Center Elevator Dispatch Feature Note

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Automated destination management Modern elevator systems support destination dispatch algorithms which improve passenger flow. Passengers select their floor with these destination dispatch systems, and the destination management system guides them to an assigned elevator. This increases passenger flow through orderly travel and optimizes building operations. Looking for more control and visibility of your building activity? Through the Destination Dispatch Management plugin, you manage all elevator traffic from your Security Center unified platform. Augment the global security of your building by centrally managing elevator dispatch, access control, and video systems. Your personnel monitors elevator dispatch events, verifies cardholder authenticity using their pictures and video, and always know who accessed which floors and when. This increases awareness, improves investigations and auditing, and reduces emergency response times. Operators also benefit from Security Center threat levels for critical situations where they can manually grant access or dispatch elevators at a moment's notice. Key benefits Centralize management of elevator dispatch and physical security systems Enhance your building's security and responsiveness during emergencies Unify monitoring of elevator dispatch events alongside video and access control Expand elevator access control by leveraging Security Center Synergis™ access control system capabilities Manually dispatch passengers from the Security Center monitoring application Streamlined configuration of all elevators, floors, and landing areas Security Center Elevator Dispatch How it enhances your security Feature note Application: Security Center · Access control Category: Security More flexibility in managing floor access By unifying destination control, you can manage floor access directly from your access control system. Manage your visitors by granting them temporary access with Bluetooth, NFC, or other third-party readers supported by Synergis. You assign floor access rights, inter-floor travel, and security modes to your cardholders and visitors. Faster and easier deployment Configure elevators, floors, and landing areas to manage passenger flow. Security Center Synergis detects Destination Entry Computers (DEC) on your network and enrolls them. Cardholders can inherit their elevator access rights, eliminating the need to configure one cardholder at a time. Software-based elevator access control allows users to configure security modes, inter-floor travel, audit tracking, and special passenger features. Greater efficiency Smarter building technologies like destination management and unification with physical security gives security operators greater efficiency, allowing them to perform all core operations in a consolidated unified system. With a real-time link, you always remain aware of elevator activity and have the flexibility to act whenever it's needed. Monitor elevators within the same client application as your Security Center access control and video surveillance solutions and get a complete view of your facility. Benefits of the integration

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