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Virtual in-patient hospital rounds

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Flare-ups of contagious diseases put pressure on hospital resources, place staff and immunocompromised patients at risk, and add additional pressure on your nurses and physicians to provide consistent, high- quality care. In-person monitoring and assessing of potentially contagious patients increase the risks of transmission and further deplete the inventory of precious personal protective equipment (PPE) if not carefully managed. There's an alternative approach that combines the power of technology with the expertise and care giving of your team. With Genetecâ„¢ Security Center, it is straightforward to bring together Sipeliaâ„¢ intercom communications, video and alarm management into a single platform where you can move to virtual patient interactions when doing rounds and initially responding to patient requests. Cameras can be set to record only during these interactions, or not at all, to mitigate the impact on patient privacy so that you can quickly respond and determine whether an in-person interaction is warranted. This helps decrease risks to staff members and save your PPE equipment for when it's needed most. Key benefits Allow medical staff to speak with and see patients without entering the room Perform visual check-ins & medical assessments over video & intercom Optimize use of Personal Protective Equipment Minimize the amount of time prepping for and sanitizing after patient interactions Lower transmission risk to staff and other patients & improve morale Virtual in-patient hospital rounds Maintain quality of care while decreasing risk of transmission Feature note Applications: Security Center, Intercoms, Video management Industry: Healthcare Operations How it works Clean rooms are fitted with SIP intercom enabled cameras so that staff can have two-way conversations with patients alongside visual assessment. For occupied rooms, intercoms with embedded cameras are mounted to IV carts. Nurses can deploy the carts by leaving them in the room and connecting them to the power and ethernet. Once set up, calls are initiated from a desktop computer running Security Desk at the nurses' station.

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