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AutoVu SharpV Use cases

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Capabilities as varied as your needs The AutoVu™ SharpV is an all-in-one specialized and fixed automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) device used in various scenarios for efficient law enforcement, effective parking management, and insightful travel-time data collection. Stop wasting time doing what SharpV can do better Traditional methods of manually identifying license plates for parking regulations and enforcement can be daunting, inexact, costly and time- consuming. AutoVu's MLC (Machine Learning Core) increases accuracy and capture rate while reducing common misreads and false-positives. On the road, time is of the essence AutoVu™ SharpV automates and speeds up the license plate recognition process so that you can reduce response times. SharpV units also allow you to pull valuable information from your monitored environment for better decision-making. Key benefits Quick and precise vehicle identification Multi-sensor unit Built-in analytical capabilities Easy plug-in integrations Increased accuracy through Machine Learning Core Built on 25+years of LPR experience AutoVu SharpV Use cases Multipurpose, highly precise, and quick Product note Applications: ALPR Industry: Public safety, Parking Enforcement, Traffic Security and operations Deployment types Investigation tool Automate license plate capture and verification against local or national hotlists to quickly identify wanted vehicles and control access to secured areas. Traffic flow monitoring Gather vehicle counts, classifications, and average speeds with the traffic sensor management plug-in for better traffic volume monitoring. Travel time insights Gather speeding alerts and travel time reports with the option to categorize them based on vehicle type, all while anonymizing plate reads with the travel times plug-in. Fixed parking enforcement and management Link license plate readings to third- party parking systems to make parking payments, management, and enforcement swift and straightforward.

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